How to Schedule WhatsApp Messages on Android Phone & iPhones? [2022]

WhatsApp is a Modernized Communicational app with many advanced features that many of us don’t know before. From individual or group audio-video calls to sending images, audio, and video files, WhatsApp leverages your messaging experience to the next level.

Sadly, the official app doesn’t support the “Scheduling WhatsApp messages on Android and iPhone” feature. Of course, Scheduling Messages has become an integral part of our tech-congested lives.

Whether it is about setting a reminder for a particular task to be done the next day or wishing someone in the middle of the night, the Schedule Message feature is a highly essential feature for casual WhatsApp users.

Since the Scheduling Feature is not officially available on WhatsApp, there are other workarounds like “Using Third-Party Apps” to enable this feature on your Android and iPhones. In this writing, we will share different methods through which you can schedule WhatsApp messages on Android and iPhone.

How to Schedule WhatsApp Messages on Android Phone

Users can enable the Schedule Whatsapp Messages Feature on Android Phones using Third Party apps. The evolving API market promotes several apps that are effective in doing the job, but we recommend using SKEDit. The app is Android Friendly, Easy to Use, Protects your Privacy, and even lets you schedule Call, SMS, and E-mail reminders.

Schedule WhatsApp Messages
  • Firstly, go to Google Play Store and download SKEDIT Latest Version
  • Now, open the App and Sign-up using your Personal Credentials
  • After Signing-in, tap, Whatsapp from the App Menu
  • Then, grant various permissions in phone setting including: Enable Accessibility> SKEDit > Toggle on Service > Grant Allow
  • Next, return to the App and start schedule messages
  • To Schedule a message, you have to add Recipient Name, Message Details and then Schedule a Time and Date (the app allows you to repeat the message frequency to Daily, Weekly, and Monthly)
  • Before sending a scheduled message, review it. Now, when you tap “Ask me before Sending” option, you will receive a pop-up notification before the message is sent

How to Schedule Whatsapp Messages on iPhone

Sadly, iPhone users can’t use third-party apps to access Schedule Feature because Apple is concerned for users’ privacy, and it won’t allow permissions to third-party apps. In such a scenario, Siri Shortcuts come handy, and iPhone users can use them to perform this function.

  • First of all, download and install the Shortcuts Apps on your iPhone from Apple App Store
  • Open the app and click on the Automation button (situated at the bottom)
  • Now, select +icon from the top right corner of your device screen and click “Create Personal Automation”
  • After Creating Personal Automation, and press “time of day” to schedule you automation. Then, selecting a time and date to schedule Whatsapp Messages. After completing this step, Click “Next”
  • Then, select “Add Action” and go to the search bar by typing “Text”. You need to select Text from the Dropdown Menu
  • In the Text Field, you have write down message details
  • After writing the message, select + icon present (below the text field). A new window will pop-up in which you need to type “Whatsapp” in the Input bar
  • Next, when the dropdown appears, you have to select “Send Message through Whatsapps”. Pick the recipient name and then move to Next> Done
  • After completing the process, you will be notified by the application. Upon clicking the notification, you will land on the Schedule Message Arena and then you have to click “Send”


Even though Whatsapp hasn’t supported the Scheduling message feature, we have tried to write down various methods to make this process much easier and more efficient. Of course, both workarounds are automated, and neither of those harms your Device performance nor private data. Additionally, you can bookmark our website to receive updates and relevant Hacks and Tips.