How to Transfer WhatsApp Data from Android to IPhone? 3 Easy Methods in 2022

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Whether it’s about transferring casual data from iPhone to Android or Whatsapp files from Android to iPhone, both are strenuous businesses because they require proficient skills, technical hands, and a perfect method. Unluckily, the absence of any of those three could be responsible for devastating outcomes. Download Aero WhatsApp APK Latest Version

When everything stops favoring you, comes the Online Market to aid. Here you can find thousands of authentic and reliable solutions to a single tech problem. Nevertheless, Online Community lets you learn New, Secure, and Effective Methods to transfer Whatsapp from Android to iPhone.

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Before writing down tested and verified methods of Transferring Whatsapp Data from Android to iPhone, we would dare to share potential benefits and damages; you could face during this process. Above all, you may lose entire Whatsapp Chats, Videos, and Pictures.

It is pertinent to mention that there is an official method to move WhatsApp from Android to iPhone. Other than that, we share a few more ways, and it’s up to you what you pick and why? Of course, you should choose a method that suits your Device Built and Resources.

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Method 1: Official Way to Transfer WhatsApp from Android to iPhone

It is probably the most authentic as well as a recommended method to transfer Whatsapp from Android to iPhone. However, it’s limited due to Devices Compatibility. To adopt this method, you should have Android OS Lollipop, SDK 21, or Android 5.

  • Firstly, you device must by 15.5 iOS, iPhone must be factory new, and both devices must be connected to power-source
  • Now, open the Move to iOS app on your Android device and follow the on-screen commands
  • Next, a CODE will appear on your iPhone screen, enter it on your Android phone
  • Click Continue and once again follow the On-screen Commands
  • Then, select Whatsapp on the Transfer Data Screen and tap Start on your Android hpone
  • Tap NEXT to return to the Move to iOS App
  • Again Tap the Continue to start transfer of Data from your Android phone to iPhone
  • Now, go to Play Store and download Whatsapp Latest Version
  • After installing the app, open it and log-in by using the same mobile number used on your old Android phone
  • Tap start by allowing the process to complete
  • Finally, finish the activating your New device and Chats will appear on iPhone after few seconds

Method 2: Transfer Whatsapp from Android to iPhone 13 (without Backup)

Somehow, if you have failed to Transfer Whatsapp from Android to iPhone via Whatsapp’s Official Method, don’t worry because numerous tools and backup apps let you transfer data from an older Whatsapp account to the new iPhone device.

  • Firstly download any app (AnyTrans recommended for iPhone 13) on your device
  • Connect your iPhone and Android to the PC/Computer via US Cable
  • Now, Click on the Whatsapp to Device > Then click on the “Transfer Now” option
  • Then, select your Android as “Source Phone” and your iPhone as “Target Phone” > Tap on the Next Option to transfer Whatsapp Chats to your New iPhone
  • Few Instructions will pop-up, Follow them and Continue: Backup your Whatsapp on Android >  Install latest Whatsapp version on your Android > Allow Whatsapp access your Phone Storage
  • Next, Log-in to your Whatsapp Account and click “Restore Button” > Then Click Next on the App being used
  • The app will start transferring your Whatsapp Data to your new iPhone

Method 3: Transfer Whatsapp from Android to iPhone (Using Google Drive)

This method is only applicable if you have Backed-up Whatsapp Data on Google Drive, and if you didn’t do that, don’t dare to try it otherwise, you will be responsible for outcomes. Anyhow, here is a guide to transferring Whatsapp Data via Google Drive.

  • First download Whatsapp Back up (Anytrans recommended) from Google Play Store
  • Connect your iPhone and Android via USB Cable > Go to Social Messages Manager > Click on the option “Restore Whatsapp”
  • Now, Choose Restore Option from your Google Drive Back-up
  • Then, Log in your Google Account and View Backup History
  • Next, Choose one Backup File and tap “Continue”
  • Remember to Back-up all Chats, History, Videos, and Images
  • To get Full Authorization, “Tap & Agree” with all on-screen instructions until they Finish
  • Finally, Restore Whatsapp Backup to iPhone Successfully

Transfer Whatsapp from Android to iPhone (via E-mail)

Whatsapp is a communication app of the modern ages, and that’s why it offers multiple Backup options, and Transferring Data via E-mail is one of them. Here is a step-by-step guide to transferring your Whatsapp Data to your iPhone via E-mail.

  • Open Whatsapp app on your Android Device
  • Now, go to Settings and select “Chats” settings
  • Next, click on the Chat History to open the “Chat History Screen”
  • Then, tap on “Export Chat” to export Whatsapp Chats
  • After that, you will asked to select a contact whose chat history, you want to Export
  • Select a Contact and choose E-mail address
  • Finally, open the Email account on your iPhone and Enjoy