How to USE Android Apps on Windows 10 PC Free [2022]

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Could I run Android Apps or Games on my PC or Windows? It’s been a common query of every Android user, whether he is a novice or a tech-pro. Well, the time has now come to address this issue, and the answer is, Yes, you can install and run Android Apps or Games on PCs.

From various Android Emulators to Mobile Phone Screening or Third Party Apps, users could access either of those options to make it happen. However, it’s always easy said than done, as users would need to follow various Apps Protocols and Windows Settings to get desired results. Check the Latest Version: Download Game of Sultans MOD APK

How to run Android Apps on Windows 10 Laptops/PCs

Use Android Apps on Windows 10
  • Firstly, install Phone App from Microsoft on your Windows 10 PC/Laptop
  • Now, go to Play Store and Find any App Compatible with your Phone
  • Next, Link your Android phone to your PC and open the Phone App on the PC
  • Click on Get Started Option
  • Click “OK”, on I have the Companion App Ready Option
  • Once Installation process finished, you can pair your phone by clicking the “Pair with QR Code Button”
  • Now, open the Link to Windows Option in Android Settings
  • Then, Tap continue and finally, point your Android phone at the QR Code
  • Once the camera picks it up, Windows App will display a Screen with Required Permissions to run the app
  • On your Phone, Tap Allow to give Windows the Permission
  • Next, Tap Continue to Finish and it will link your phone and PC
  • On the Laptop/PC, you will see a Welcome Screen Note displaying, “Phone and PC are now Linked”
  • Accept Additional Permissions and click Start Casting or Recording with your Phone Companion to allow your Android to transmit its app to the PC.
  • Now, go to the Left-Hand Panel and select the Apps Option
  • It will show a list of apps installed on your Phone
  • Click on the app, you want to launch on Windows
  • Open the App on Windows 10 and Enjoy

Here are a Few Methods to Run Android on Windows 10

Screen Mirroring with Windows 10

Well, there’s nothing fancy in applying this method. All you need is Microsoft’s Phone app that enables you to connect your Android Phone to Windows to access various android apps, view notifications and photos, and send messages.

How to use Android Apps on Windows 10

Microsoft’s operating system has become popular due to its user-friendly features. There is a catch. This method allows you to run the applications from your Android phone and displays them on Windows. However, users can’t emulate Android on PCs via Microsoft.

How to Mirror your Phone Screen

  • Firstly, Click the Phone Screen Image on your Phone Desktop App
  • Now, grant permission to the app on your mobile phone
  • Your Phone Screen will display in Windows
  • Go through various apps with the Click of the Mouse

Advantages of Phone Screening

  • Easy and User-Friendly Process
  • Works Best With Samsung Phones
  • Requires at least 8-GB RAM and Android 11 (For Windows 10)

Disadvantages of Phone Screening

  • No Sharing of Files from an App to PC
  • Dull or Delay Games Graphics

Run Apps via BlueStacks

BlueStacks is probably the Best Android App Emulator that allows you to run games and apps that are not corresponding with the desktop version. It also offers a Customized App Screen and access to Google Play Store.

run apps

The app receives the Developer’s renovated features periodically. Users can download its latest version, BlueStacks 5. Unlike its successors, BlueStacks 5 requires 5GB of space on your Computer and supports multiple types of Android apps.

How to Download BlueStacks X on Windows 10

  • Download the App from our website and run the installer
  • Once Finished, BlueStacks X will launch automatically
  • For start playing games, click one from the catalog and the app player will handle the rest

Advantages of BlueStacks

  • Built-In Mappings for Keyboard and muse
  • Adjust the Resolution
  • Maintains best balance between speed and graphical fidelity

Disadvantages of BlueStacks

  • Requires Massive Storage
  • Shopping Features and Ads

Issues you may Encounter during the whole Procedure

Though all the options or services leading users to use Android Apps on Windows 10 or PCs are secure and offer a fully automated process, they have space for Systematic Errors or Installations Issues. However, the most common issues users could encounter are mentioned below.

Compatibility Issues

Believe it or not, your Options for Running Android Apps on PCs depend on your Android Model and Version of Windows. An Average Mobile phone or Old Versioned-Windows couldn’t be compatible with the latest Android Emulators. So, before adopting any method, please check Android Model compatibility with your PCs.

Storage Space on Windows PC

Storage Space

Before running multiple Android Apps on your Windows, you must ensure that your PC has the required storage space. If your system lacks sufficient internal space, it could malfunction or fails to run a specific or all android app simultaneously.

Uninstall Unwanted Files/Applications

Lastly, a healthy PC Window can support and run Multiple Android Apps without Breaking down any of them. However, it’s only possible when your system is optimized and free of unwanted apps or files. So, you should get rid of Harmful Files and Useless Apps to provide a significant boost to your system.