What is End-to-End Encryption & How it Secure our Privacy?

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If you are a Whatsapp user, you may have heard the word “End-to-End Encryption,” but have you ever wondered what it refers to or how it works? Of course, “Not” because nobody has that much spare time to waste on Tech-Shits?

Anyhow, the following article is for those visitors who love to read Tech-Comics and are interested in knowing what End-to-End Encryption refers to and how it contributes to securing our Privacy on multiple Communicational Platforms.

End-to-End Encryption

What is End-to-End Encryption?

End to End Encryption is a highly-advanced “Open Source Technology” that the communication industry adopts to protect your privacy from the outside world, particularly from Hackers & Spammers. Strangely, this technology even prevents original app developers from accessing user data.

In simple words, End to End Encryption technology eliminates any chances of Third-party intervention in messages, videos and files shared between Sender and Receiver, which means your private data is never exposed online.

In E2EE, messages once encrypted from the sender’s device are never decrypted until they reach their destination, and due to the usage of Public and Private Keys, hackers could never decode or access your messages or other data.

How End-to-End Encryption Works?

The working mechanism of E2EE is pretty tangled, but we will try our best to teach it to you as simply as we can. Talking about Gold Standard E2EE, the entire process starts with a “Public-Private Key Pair”, also known as Asymmetric Cryptography.

The cryptographic keys are responsible for securing and decrypting our messages. Public Keys are used for Encrypted Messages, while Private keys are used to “Decrypt” or unlock messages. Additionally, the system creates unique Private and Public Key for each member who joins.

Dominating Features of End-to-End Encryption

In the world of shady apps and hoaxes, E2EE provides Standard Security. Apart from specialization in security, E2EE makes various communicational tasks easy and accessible by preventing Third-parties interference.

Chat & Share Files Personally

E2EE is responsible for protecting our chats and file sharing online. Several giant communication apps, including Whatsapp and GB Whatsapp, have adopted this technology, which shows its credibility and reliability. E2EE widely takes over traditional closed-sourced messaging as E2EE is the future now.

Secured Online Business Deals and Chats

People trust Communicational apps like Whatsapp Business for small Online Businesses as they think these apps are secure and reliable for business purposes. Such apps also utilize E2EE to protect confidential chats between sellers and clients. It shows the real power and capabilities of E2EE, as no one can break into this.

Added Security for Confidential Files

Whatsapp is among the most-used communicational apps because people trust it for its exclusive features and added security. Apart from sharing chats, videos, and other stuff, it is a primary source for big firms or business people to share confidential files, and E2EE is the only reason that makes it possible. The technology ensures that confidential files should rotate between communicators, and no hacker or spammer enters the path to obtain access to them.

End-to-End Encryption Apps Online

While acknowledging the dense popularity of E2EE, many developers have jumped into the market and introduced their updated versions and mods of End-to-End Encrypted Security apps. Un-doubtfully, hundreds of Android & iOS applications are using “End to End Encryption” technology, and Whatsapp is one of them.

Secured Payments & Transactions

Many countries have legalized payment transactions via Whatsapp, and this initiative has only become possible due to E2EE Technology. End-to-End encryption makes your transactions much more secure and protected in all dimensions.