Blue WhatsApp APK [Official] Version Download for Android 2023

More and more people are skipping Official WhatsApp due to its failure to adopt Demanding Features and stubbornness for not waiving usage restrictions. In the meantime, highly-anticipated Custom-Built versions like Blue Whatsapp APK welcome such refugees.

So, the question that might hit your mind would be the reason behind picking Blue Whatsapp GB among hundreds of others. To be straightforward, this MOD Version offers exceptional communicational attributes, but its rivals do not. Also, Download SMWhatsApp APK Latest Version of 2023.

The Built-In attributes of Blue Whatsapp Download 2023 comprise three diverse levels, of which one belongs to Security, second to Customization, and the last towards removing official restrictions. Meanwhile, its counterparts hardly pack the set of two from any of them.

Blue WhatsApp APK Latest Version

And that’s not all you will get on Blue Whatsapp Plus since it wraps a range of Additional Attributes, such as Vast Compatibility, Anti-Ban Nature, and the ability to work parallel to the Official App on the same device.

If you agree with our choice, click the button to Download Blue Whatsapp on your Mobile without risking your security because our links are 100% tested and secure. Nevertheless, you can scan them before bagging onto your device. Updated Features of ADWhatsApp APK Available here.

The Need of Replacing Traditional Whatsapp with Whatsapp Blue – Discussing Traits

We have analyzed the exceptional features of Blue WhatsApp after its careful perusal. Without deep scrutiny, it is risky to use new applications, especially in this era of scams. Underneath are the categorically explained features of Blue WhatsApp for the convenience of users.

Customization Options in Blue Whatsapp

Blue WhatsApp offers a wide range of customization. It means that you can change various default aspects of the application without compromising your security or carrying any kind of penalty or restriction from the developer.

Collection of Themes

Blue WhatsApp packs a range of themes that you can apply to make your messenger interface gorgeous. Of course, you don’t need to pay to use the built-in themes, and you can also import your favorite ones from external sources.

Chat Icon

You can change the chat heads in Blue WhatsApp Messenger as per your taste. Feel free to modify your default chat heads by exploring the collection. Surprisingly, you can remove the chat identity to hide the private chats.

App Icon

The Blue WhatsApp application’s icon matches the pattern of the WhatsApp logo with blue color. However, Blue WhatsApp allows users to change the conventional icon. Clients of Blue WhatsApp can affix any other image/icon instead of the usual one.

Notification Controls

To alter the notification mechanism, go to the setting and click on the notification button. Now, adjust your desired settings, for example, notification bell, chat notification, group message notice, warning tones, call tones, etc.

Do Not Disturb Mood (DND)

When you are tired and do not want your phone to notify you of every message, you can activate the DND mood to cut the Gordian Knot. Indeed, after enabling the DND MODE, all other internet-based apps work as usual.

Download Status

In contrast to old-fashioned WhatsApp, Blue WhatsApp has granted its users the right to download the status of their contacts directly to their device’s memory without using an additional application or media player.  Save the status of others into their storage, whether it is an audio, video, text, or image.

Security/Privacy Features of BlueWhatsApp

When using any chat application, privacy s always the priority of the users. For the last few years, countless cases of data stolen and privacy leaks have shocked the online community. Nevertheless, it is pertinent to point out that Blue WhatsApp guarantees cent percent privacy protection to its consumers.

End-to-End Encryption

The first and foremost security part of Blue WhatsApp is that the conversations are end-to-end encrypted. It means that your communication with people is inaccessible by any third party or even to the developer.

Hide Status For Specific Contact(S)

If you are irritated by someone or not willing to show your activities to a particular person, you can hide your status from that person. By enabling this feature, your current profile picture, last seen, and double-tick will not be visible to your contacts.

Hide Double Tick

Whenever a message goes through the eyes of the recipient, the sender’s phone shows a double blue tick. Meanwhile, users of Blue WhatsApp can dislocate this feature for their privacy. By doing this, the sender wouldn’t be sure if his message read or still awaits the receiver’s attention.

App Lock 

When your friend demands your phone to make a call, you are hesitant to give him lest he reads your conversations. Now feel free to lend a phone to your buddy. Blue WhatsApp comes with a built-in application lock feature. Only you can unlock Blue WhatsApp by entering a pin, password, or fingerprint.

Chat Lock 

It is the most prominent among all the security features of Blue WhatsApp. By enabling this security aspect, individual conversations receive Z-Plus security. You can protect any single chat which you want to lock. Those locked chats could be unlocked by pin/password or fingerprint.

Freeze Last Seen

Feel free to turn off your Last Seen Status from all or particular contacts. Hence, people on your contact list cannot see your last-seen status when you have enabled Freeze Last Seen. Meanwhile, you can access this function from settings.

Call Button Hidden Feature

Users of Blue WhatsApp can avoid unnecessary and unwanted calls if they disable call options in the notification button. In addition, whenever you receive a call from Unknown Number, the app tags it as Possible Spam.

Hide Your Contact Number

Sometimes, we need to hide our contact numbers. To do so, click on the three dots at the top right, open privacy options, go to “About,” and select the “Nobody” button. Further, you can use this trait against specific or all contacts. Custom Developed WhatsApp with User Need Features Aero WhatsApp APK Download Now.

Additional Communicational Traits of Blue Whatsapp

Apart from high-end Customization and Security Features, Blue Whatsapp APK also packs a range of Additional Communicational Functions to bring the Whatsapp User’s experience to a whole new level. Meanwhile, anyone with the app’s latest version can access those attributes.

Stickers & Emojis

In the emoji and sticker tabs, there are hundreds of them available as required by the users in the meantime of chat. Stickers & emojis following the friends, lovers, family, and elders are available in Blue WhatsApp messenger.

Make Contact Without Saving Numbers

Before the arrival of Blue WhatsApp, it was a big trouble to save a phone number to make minor contact with. But this difficulty has been conquered with the entrance of Blue WhatsApp, as it lets users make contact with others without saving their phone numbers.

Make Group Calls

In emergencies, to save time and travel, or during the outbreak of some pandemic, class lectures and official meetings are shifted online. However, there was a challenging situation to engage multiple participants in a single shift simultaneously. WhatsApp has lent a hand to solve this issue by allowing 32 callers to bond together to beat the clock.

Anti-Revoke Messages

Unlike the original Whatsapp, in which the Deleted Messages from Sender are unreadable by the recipient, the Blue Whatsapp comes equipped with Anti-Revoke Feature. This function allows you to read messages deleted by the sender or group admins.

Auto Reply

In today’s busy life, people do not have spare time to stick with phones. For those users who use WhatsApp for business purposes or other, Blue WhatsApp holds an “Auto Reply” facility. They can respond to everyone at any time with the auto-reply option.

Scheduled Messages

Did you forget to wish the anniversary to your better half? Or you could not say Happy Birthday to your buddy at 12’O clock? No worries since you would not miss any such occasion as Blue WhatsApp has given a helping hand to tackle these issues. Users of Blue WhatsApp can set a specific time at which the pre-written message is delivered to assigned contacts.

Downloading Blue Whatsapp on Android Phones – 100% Working Method

The process of Blue Whatsapp on Android Mobiles is too straightforward. After saying this, the app’s minimal requirement is 4.0 OS, 3 GB of RAM, and 65 MBs of Internal Storage, and if you’re meeting those prerequisites, follow the steps below.

  • Click the Download Button to claim the latest Blue WhatsApp APK
  • After bagging the package, open your Phone’s Setting
  • In the Security Option > Enable Unknown Sources to permit this app access your device internal storage
  • Now, navigate to File Manager > Download Folder > Track & Locate Blue WhatsApp asset File to start installation
  • Allow all on-screen permissions, including Access to Contacts, Access to Gallery, Access to Location, and Access to Media to complete installation
  • Finally, an app icon will appear on your Mobile Screen
  • Tap to Open the app, enter your mobile number, verify via OTP, and use the App

Wrapping Up

The idea you can take home from the miles-long above discussion is that Blue WhatsApp is a Must-Try Custom Built Edition of the Official Whatsapp. From a range of Customization Features to unmatched Security Measurements and enhanced Communication Options, Blue Whatsapp has left no stone unturned to meet the demands of users and bring their Whatsapp Experience to new heights. Meanwhile, the app purposefully meets the security protocols of Google, which means using it never harms your privacy or mobile performance. On the sidelines, bookmark our website to receive updates about APK versions of your favorite games and apps.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, downloading Blue Whatsapp on your Mobile Phone is a secure practice. After saying this, you should get the app from a reliable source since most unwanted cases occur when downloaded from Malware websites.

You can use the Official Whatsapp and Blue WhatsApp on the same mobile with two different SIM Cards, and this practice never bothers the Whatsapp Authorities. Meanwhile, use similar E-mails to sync those WhatsApp on PCs or Computers.

Blue Whatsapp has been in the market for a long time, and it has many OLD APK Versions. However, Blue Whatsapp v, Blue Whatsapp v9.11, Blue Whatsapp v9.27, Blue Whatsapp v2.23.3.77, and Blue Whatsapp v2.22.24.78 are the most popular.

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