Total Conquest MOD APK Offline (Unlimited Money + Crown) Android 2023

Total Conquest mod apk is an action-packed Strategy game for Android users. In the game, players have to Build their Empire and Rule it. For this purpose, you need to construct buildings, collect resources, and recruit troops to protect your Kingdom.

The game unfolds in the Roman Ruling Era. Players will interact with historical characters and warriors during their journey in this game. However, your utmost goal in the game is to battle other Rulers and conquer their Kingdoms after defeating them. Choose the Action Game Tongits Go MOD APK Download Now

It is a Free-to-Download Video game available on the Play Store. However, players need to spend real money to unlock various In-app things like construction tools, weapons, and much more. Surprisingly, you can download the Total Conquest MOD APK version to access all these Premium Features for Free.

Total Conquest MOD APK Free

The Storyline of Total Conquest MOD APK

Total Conquest APK is not an average Android game as it features detailed gaming content alongside exciting graphics and user-friendly controls. Nevertheless, it’s a game that players can play for hours without getting tired.

Embrace yourself as a Legendary Roman Ruler and start ruling your Kingdom. You are the sole protector and provider of your poor public, so every decision matters, and every step counts. You have to take bold and wise verdicts to avoid National Crisis.

Above all, you are responsible for the defense of every inch of your kingdom, and it’s impossible to do unless you have a strong army. So, you have to build a powerful army alongside constructing castles, buildings, army camps, and towers to ensure utmost protection of your territory. Download Now this Latest Castle Crush MOD APK

Total Conquest MOD

It is a level-based game, which means a new level never unlocks unless you clear the previous one. So, be conscious and utilize available resources wisely to avoid blunders and lead your suppressed nation in a progressive direction.

Dominating Features of Total Conquest MOD APK

Total Conquest dominates the market due to its unique and engaging features, yet the developers update the app regularly to make it more exciting. Recently, the game has received another massive update, and it changes a variety of its built-in content.

We urge our visitors to migrate to the latest Total Conquest MOD APK if they want to play something new. This updated version is Ad-Free and gives access to Unlimited Crowns, Unlimited Game-Money, and Unlocked Everything for Free.

  • Unlimited Gold & Apples
  • Unlimited Crowns
  • Premium Features Unlocked
  • Various Levels Unlocked
  • Unlimited Resources
  • Glitch Activated
  • Upgraded Graphics
  • No Ads/ Shopping Features

What’s new in Total Conquest MOD APK

  • Rule Roman Empire: The game allows players to adopt the role of the Roman King, who rules the Kingdom
  • Build your Army & Fight: You have to build an army and fight against enemies to protect your people and land from them.
  • Collect Weapons & Resources: Weapons are necessary as they help your army in the fight, while you can utilize resources to construct roads, buildings, and other stuff like that.
  • Build Forts, Castles & Defense Mechanism: Players are responsible for setting an unbeatable Defense system to avoid sudden attacks from enemies.
  • Various Difficult Levels: It is a level-based game, and each level comes out with new bosses and challenges.
  • Online Community to Play With: Total Conquest has a huge Online Community, and players can freely challenge other online gamers to play. 
  • Graphics: The game is equipped with HD-quality Graphics alongside fully-matched background music and In-game animations. 

How to Download and Install Total Conquest MOD APK

The only thing that bothers Android gamers is the Installation process of MOD-versioned games. If you are a victim of a similar issue, read our detailed guide about downloading and installing Total Conquest on Windows 7 and iPhones.

  • Before going in depth, download Total Conquest MOD APK version from here
  • After, you click the Download Button, it will take a few seconds to process your request
  • Next, go to Phone’s setting and enable Unknown Sources to permit 3rd party apps access
  • Now, open the downloaded APK File and click Install option
  • Finally, open the game and Enjoy

How to play Total Conquest MOD APK

Simple Playing Mechanism is another plus point of Total Conquest APK. The game features Android-Friendly Initiative Controls, which means they are smooth to use and drain a little battery power. To understand the whole playing mechanism, go through Game Tutorial before playing.

Compatibility Criteria of Total Conquest MOD APK

Total Conquest is among those few video games that work flawlessly on Android Phones as well as Windows Devices. However, you must ensure that the version of the game you are playing is updated and downloaded from a reliable source. By-the-way, the game is compatible with 4.0 or above OS and Windows 7 and above.

Frequently Asked Questions

Apparently, it’s impossible to Hack Total Conquest unless you download its MOD APK version. In the modded version, you can access all those features that are banned or restricted to use by players. In addition, you can get unlock levels, unlimited money, and resources in such versions.

There is no shortcut to speed up the process of building or training army troops. However, you can use In-game money to buy all those resources necessary to upgrade your army. If you want to access unlimited money, download the Total Conquest APK from our website.

When you update an older version game with a new one, it gives you access to newly-added features and content. So, it is a good practice to migrate to the latest game version otherwise, you will remain stuck with old-fashioned in-game content.

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