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Aero Whatsapp is a highly-innovated Custom-built version of the original app. However, the program aims to provide users with the freedom to Modify and Personalize their Default apps according to their satisfaction levels.

Bozkurt Hazer is the core developer of Aero Whatsapp. Initially, he tried to polish the already-existing FoudMakdad version, yet ended up with such a masterpiece. Aero Whatsapp primarily focuses on Customization, Theming, and Performance of the user-interface.

Aero Whatsapp APK by APKLia

With End-to-End Encrypted Security, Aero Whatsapp APK offers unmatched security settings. It comes with various Privacy Features, including Hiding Double Clicks, Removing Online Presence, Disabling Video Call options, and Marking Harmful Messages and Calls.

The following article gives you complete details along with Downloading and Installation method of Aero Whatsapp APK on iPhones and Android Devices. Besides this, we are offering a direct link to download the latest Aero Whatsapp APK version.

How Aero WhatsApp APK Works?

Whatsapp is among the most popular Messaging apps. However, the official apps lack various modern features and innovations. To tackle this issue, globally-recognized developers have launched their Modified version of the similar app.

It showcases an upgraded Themes gallery integrated with versatile graphics, stylish fonts, bubbles, stickers, and emojis. Users can freely access those premium In-app elements to personalize various visual aspects and other internal functionalities of their original application.

Furthermore, it waives various limits and restrictions imposed by the original app on the users. Above all, Aero Whatsapp offers extended File Sharing Limits. With this tool, you can send 10-images in a single message and media files up to 100-MBs.

Aero Whatsapp APK Download Now

Another vital feature of Aero Whatsapp APK is its Enhanced Security Settings. It offers WA’s End-to-End Encrypted Messages, which means even the developers of this application have no access to your private messages and data.

Aero Whatsapp is successfully attracting millions of users due to the provision of Highly Advanced, Fast, Un-interrupted, and User-Friendly Features. We will try to explore and discuss the Most Vital Features of Aero Whatsapp in Detail.

Users can never modify their app’s interface unless they have a rich theme collection. Because of this, the developers of Aero Whatsapp have added new themes to the application to meet the changing demands of casual Whatsapp users.

Additionally, Aero Whatsapp showcases thousands of themes for customization purposes. The app not just features new themes but also contains dozens of themes from its previous successors: Yo Whatsapp and FoudMakdad versions. 

Dominating Features of Aero Whatsapp APK

As a matter of fact, Aero Whatsapp leads the Whatsapp MODs market due to its extraordinary communicational features. The app has been designed while keeping in mind the convenience, safety, and demands of an ordinary Messaging App user.

If you talk about a particular feature of Aero Whatsapp, it’s almost impossible, as the application has an abundance of dominating properties. Above all, it allows you to modify the entire UI of the original Whatsapp alongside alternations in other default functionalities.

  • Unlimited Aero Themes
  • Upgrades Stickers, Fonts, & Styles
  • Increased Sharing Limits
  • Additional Messaging Features
  • Enhanced Privacy Settings
  • User-Friendly Interface
  • Bug-Fix
  • Free-to-Download Version
  • What’s new in Aero Whatsapp APK

  • Aero Themes: Aero Whatsapp showcases around 3000-Themes, which are easily accessible and can be applied at any time: Partially or Fully.
  • Aero Themes: Aero WhatsApp showcases around 3000-Themes, which are easily accessible and can be applied at any time: Partially or Fully.
  • Customization: The app makes your Home Screen Customization so easy as it features 14 different styles, including WA-Aero, WACA, NL MODs, Stock, WAMOD, and WANH
  • Increased Sharing Limits: With Aero Whatsapp, you get an increased-limit on image and video sharing. The app allows you to send up to 10 images and up to 100 MB Video File in a single Message
  • Exclusive Features: The application offers several Premium Features like Disable Forward Messages, Anti-Delete Messages, Hide Blue Ticks, DND Mode, etc.
  • Auto-Reply: It is probably the most-advanced feature through which you can create custom messages and schedule them, and app will automatically send them. 
  • Security: Aero App offers End-to-End WA’s Encrypted Security. In addition, it has a built-in locker to secure your gallery

How to Use Aero Whatsapp APK?

As we mentioned earlier, Aero Whatsapp is built for ordinary Whatsapp users, and it purposefully abandons high-profile usage functionalities and technicalities. You can utilize this app and access all In-app features without seeking guidance from outside.

Compatibility Criteria of Aero Whatsapp APK

Most Whatsapp MOD versions come with compatibility criteria, but Aero Whatsapp imposes no such restrictions. You can download it on any Android Device with 4.0 or above OS and any old or latest iPhone Model without hassle.

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How to Download and Install Aero WhatsApp APK on Android Phones?

Downloading Aero Whatsapp on an Android phone is as easy as its usage; even a novice can get this application without having many troubles. Here is a complete guide related to the installation process of Aero Whatsapp Latest version.

  • Get the Updated Version of Aero Whatsapp from our website
  • After downloading the app, select Storage Location on your Device
  • Now, go to your phone’s setting, open security option and enable Unknown Sources
  • Next, go to Download Folder and open the downloaded APK File
  • Hit Install Option after agreeing with “Terms & Conditions”
  • Well, you are almost there, open the app and verify your Number and Enjoy

Frequently Asked Questions

Aero WhatsApp APK is another name for Communicational Freedom. The app waives all those restrictions and limitations that a casual user faces during the usage of Original Whatsapp. In addition, it has upgraded Privacy and Security Measurements.

A: Worldwide users are admiring Aero Whatsapp not just for its features but for its vast compatibility criteria as well. The app is compatible with all top-notch Android Brands alongside iPhone Models, MacBooks, and Tablets.

If you don’t know a secure installation method for Aero Whatsapp, please don’t try it, as it can prove costly. Instead, go through the Installation guide section and follow the steps carefully to ensure proper downloading and installation of this app.

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