Download PrivateVPN APK + MOD (Unlocked & Fast Speed) for Android 2023

Even though PrivateVPN offers $9 Monthly Subscription Plans, mandatory purchases for Add-Ons, such as Torrenting and Streaming Services, make the entire bundle pricey. However, you might avoid this scenario by downloading the PrivateVPN APK MOD from our website.

Of course, our provided PrivateVPN Browser could be a valuable asset for you since it makes your browsing experience pleasant by saving you from contrived packages and ensures your access to the desired content without hassle. You can also, Download PureVPN APK + MOD from our website.

From One-Click Torrenting to Streaming, Changing Server Locations, Bypassing Censorship, 24/7 Customer Support, and No-Logs Privacy, our PrivateVPN APK brings up a sturdy and considerable package you won’t neglect.

PrivateVPN APK

So, if you think downloading PrivateVPN API would be a worthy decision, click the button to claim your Asset File. We ensure you that our exhibited links are 100% secure, and they won’t mess with your privacy or device performance.

Before digging deep into this topic, we’d like to mention that most users search PrivateVPN while using strings, such as PrivateVPN APK HappyMOD or PrivateVPN MOD AN1. Practically, such acts are destressing for service providers like us because our links’ qualities are better than theirs.

Exploring the Working Mechanism PrivateVPN Pro APK

Whether you want to Unblock Netflix Streaming Regions or Access Geo-Limited Video Content, a VPN Service is always a trustworthy option, popping up first in your mind. Indeed, you can find hundreds of Virtual Private Network providers on the market. Proton VPN MOD APK is also available on our website.

Among other commendable VPN Services, the 2009-launched PrivateVPN is a reliable name since the service, while avoiding all controversies, acquires an excellent performance chart. With an array of accomplished features, such as One-Click Access, Budget-Friendly, and Consistent Pace, PrivateVPN market-acquisition has remained unchanged.

In the spotlight, PrivateVPN APK Premium allows you to watch Unlimited Geo-Blocked Content through dedicated IP Servers. Meanwhile, it unlocks worldwide streaming services, including Hulu, BCC iPlayer, Netflix, and many more.


The other appreciable features of  PrivateVPN APK Download include Unlimited Torrenting, 200+ Virtual and Physical Servers, Accessibility to 63 Countries, Unlimited Data Caps, No Logs, Simultaneous Connections with 10 Devices, and 24/7 Customer Care.

Lastly, we’d like to discuss the PrivateVPN Membership Plans. As of the time of writing, the service provides three plans, including a 1-month for $9.90, a 3-month for $ 6.0/m, and a 36-month plan for $2.0/m. Interestingly, the level of features in all bundles remains the same.

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Dominating Features of PrivateVPN Premium MOD APK

PrivateVPN Access MOD APK packs a range of Diverse Features, but sadly it is still an underrated VPN Service. Nonetheless, we will put an effort to display all its appealing attributes in the spotlight and discuss their benefits for the clients.

  • Number One VPN Service: With shiny numbers of downloads on Play Store, PrivateVPN is one of the best VPN Services available on the market.
  • Virtual/Physical Servers: Notably, PrivateVPN services comprise 200+ servers from in 63 countries.
  • Streaming Services: PrivateVPN unlocks all steaming portals, including Amazon Video, BBC iPlayer, Hulu, and Netflix.
  • Discount Coupons: Feel free to try your luck with coupons and claim up to 85% discounts.
  • Torrenting: The latest PrivateVPN supports P2P Traffic with Maximum Speed, which is an ideal scenario for torrenting.
  • Port Forwarding: The tool offers Port Forwarding Option that pop-ups whenever you connect to the service.
  • Proxies: To your amazement, PrivateVPN supports HTTP and SOCKS5 Proxies.
  • Encryption: PrivateVPN offers several customizable encryption levels, including AES-256-CBC, AES-256-GCM, and AES-128-GCM.
  • Tunneling Protocols: The software packs a long list of protocols, including OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP/IPSEC.
  • Kill Switch: This feature blocks all unwanted traffic upon sudden or accidentally drop of VPN service.
Unlocked Location of PrivateVPN
  • No Logging Issue: Users don’t need to log in every-time into the app when using the pro PrivateVPN Service.
  • Encryption: PrivateVPN offers several customizable encryption levels, including AES-256-CBC, AES-256-GCM, and AES-128-GCM.
  • Tunneling Protocols: The software packs a long list of protocols, including OpenVPN, PPTP, and L2TP/IPSEC.
  • Kill Switch: This feature blocks all unwanted traffic upon sudden or accidentally drop of VPN service.
  • No Logging Issue: Users don’t need to log in every-time into the app when using the pro PrivateVPN Service.
  • Live Customer Care: The developers provide 24/7 Live Support for worldwide users.
  • Several Plans: The app provides different subscription plans with 30-day Money Back Guarantee.
  • Extended Payment Options: You can buy PrivateVPN plans through Credit Cards, Paypal, and Cryptocurrencies.
  • Faster Speed: It is not wrong to label PrivateVPN as the Fastest VPN Service Provider on the market.
  • Value-Added Interface: Despite being loaded with tons of features, PrivateVPN keeps a low-profile Interface.
  • 7-Day Trail: The developers offer 7-Day Free Trail to let users understand the credibility of this tool.

What’s new in PrivateVPN Hack APK

Technically, the PrivateVPN MOD APK Free Download Features are no different from the original version except that users with the MOD edition could access the app’s premium functions without purchasing subscription plans. Checkout the Latest Version of Aim Carrom MOD APK.

After saying this, the PrivateVPN Server List also waives a few official limitations, such as Blocking Adverts, providing Unlimited Bandwidth, fast connections, enhanced compatibility options, Customizable encryption, and Improved Interface.

  • VIP Unlocked
  • Encrypted Data Protection
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • No Ads
  • Direct Log-In

Compatibility Criteria of PrivateVPN APK

The latest PrivateVPN APK Download offers solid compatibility options with variants of Internet-based devices than ever. Surprisingly, PrivateVPN provides separate apps for Android and iOS platforms to ensure a hassle-free usage experience for the users.

However, the most advantageous version of PrivateVPN Login is available for Windows-operated devices. While using this software on PCs and Computers, users can easily switch between Standard and Advanced Views, and the connection speed always remains at its best. AI Lovers ChatGPT APK Latest Version Updated.

How to Use PrivateVPN APK?

The Configuration Set-up and Usage Mechanism of PrivateVPN Free Trail change according to the device’s nature and operating systems. Nevertheless, the tool provides a user-friendly interface and similar personalization options with all internet-based gadgets.

PrivateVPN For Windows

As mentioned above, PrivateVPN delivers the best performance on PCs, Computers, and other Windows-operated devices. Technically, those larger screens allow users to access the software’s every feature with a single click.

  • Open the PrivateVPN on your default browser
  • Log-In to your Account
  • Feel free to customize your Windows Screen
  • Change Connection Type or Encryption through App Settings

PrivateVPN For MacOS

The usage standard of PrivateVPN on MacOS is no different from what we discussed about Windows. Upon opening the App, you’ll find a decent Home-Screen, with All Servers, Dedicated IP, and Favorites Options on the front.

  • Open the App and Log-In your account
  • Click the Large White Button to connect to a server
  • Access Standard and Advanced Features through Settings
  • You can also modify DNS Leak, Security, and Kill Switch Options

PrivateVPN For Linux

Unfortunately, the latest PrivateVPN doesn’t have an option for a desktop app for Linux users. Therefore, the only way to connect this service to Linux is by setting an OpenVPN connection manually, using PrivateVPN Services.

  • Open the App and Set Up OpenVPN Stack
  • Use Command-Line Terminal to complete this action
  • Change several default features through Apps Settings

PrivateVPN For Androids/iOS

The developers of PrivateVPN have launched apps for Android and iOS users. Of course, those apps contain identical functions to the desktop versions, but they are the least smoother. Notably, the Android App has Kill-Switch Button, while iOS doesn’t.

  • Download PrivateVPN App from Google Play Store
  • Open the App and Log-In your account
  • Click the Centered White Button to connect to the available server
  • Change Server Location, IP, or Encryption-Type through Settings

How to Download & Install PrivateVPN Chrome Extension?

Here is the step-by-step guide to installing PrivateVPN APK on Android. Since the procedure comprises several tricky steps, you better focus on the instructions to the bare minimum impact. Importantly, arrange a stable internet connection to avoid installation errors.

  • Click the Download Button to claim the Latest PrivateVPN MOD
  • Wait a few seconds, until the file downloads on your device
  • Now, go to Phone’s Settings > Security Option > Enable Unknown Sources to permit this app access your mobile storage
  • Afterwards, open the File Manager > Download Folder > Track and Launch the PrivateVPN File to start installation process
  • Allow all On-screen permissions that reads Access to Gallery, Access to Location, Access to Contacts, and Access to Media Gallery to complete the install set-up
  • Finally, open the App and Enjoy

Frequently Asked Questions

PrivateVPN has been in the market for a long time, and the app has countless APK versions. After saying this, PrivateVPN v4.1.9, PrivateVPN v4.1.8, PrivateVPN v4.1.7, PrivateVPN v4.0.6, PrivateVPN v4.0.4, and PrivateVPN v3.12.1, are the best.

The account creation procedure of PrivateVPN is straightforward. Go to Apps > Settings > More Connection Settings. Next, go to VPN and tap on ADD VPN. Now, enter PrviateVPN PPTP as your Name and type your username and password. Finally, click on connect, and you’re ready to go.

Since we provide an Anti-Ban and Legit PrivateVPN APK version, it is safe and won’t make your data or privacy traceable. However, if you decide to download the app from other websites, we shall not be responsible for our words.

Wrapping Up

The bottom line of this discussion is that PrivateVPN is the best service available on the market regarding its fees, built-in features, and user feasibility. Meanwhile, mirroring principle functions, such as Unlimited Data Consumption, No Logs, Unblocking of Worldwide Streaming Content, and Vast Compatibility, makes it an evenly ideal option for Casual and Professional Users.

With so many benefits, zero liabilities on users, and ever-ready audit reports, PrivateVPN least deserves a chance, so download it right away from our website. On the sidelines, you can bookmark our webpage and enable the Notification Icon to receive an alert whenever we publish a new post or article.

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