Download YouTube Blue APK 2023 (NO Ads) for Android/IOS

The original YouTube is good except for two prime flaws – In-Video Ads and Ban on Downloading. Perhaps, both these elements are enough for users to look for other alternatives, where YouTube Blue APK stands top by waiving those official app’s prerequisites. You can Also Download the Download YouTube Red APK Latest Version Now

If you don’t know, YouTube Blue MOD APK is a Custom-built version of the original YouTube app. However, it is entirely different, primarily because it includes the features that the authentic app lacks, such as Profile Personalization Options, Downloading Freedom, and Background Video Playing Choices.

YouTube Blue APK

So, if you’re interested in downloading YouTube Blue Latest MOD APK, you are at an accurate location. We offer YouTube Blue Premium MOD APK for Android, iOS, and PC, with all Features Unlocked and No Shopping Attributes.

Sadly, most people choose brand websites for downloading their favorite apps and games, and similar queries are for YouTube Pink, such as YouTube Blue APK Uptodown and YouTube Blue APK APKpure. However, we promise that our download links are as high-quality as those available on popular portals.

MOD Features of YouTube Blue MOD APK

The MOD edition of Blue YouTube Downloader APK offers better and improved features than the original app, which is why it has millions of downloads in a limited period. And surprisingly, all its attributes are unlocked and freely accessible by anyone having it.

The Latest YouTube Vanced Blue MOD APK version was recently out in the market and picked by us subsequently. Of course, this edition has some admirable features on display, a few of which are listed below with details.

  • YouTube Blue No Ads: Dissimilar to the original app, YouTube Vanced provides ads-free video stuff
  • YouTube Blue Latest MOD APK: We’re providing the Latest YouTube Blue MOD APK version with no Shopping Features
  • YouTube Blue Premium Unlocked: Our YouTube Blue Modded version is fully unlocked, and users can access all features without hassle
  • YouTube Blue for iOS/Android: Surprisingly, you may install and run app on iPhones, Androids, and even YouTube Blue for PC
  • Enabled Preview Category: This feature comes quite handy for Content Creators as it allows that to review their content before publishing it.
  • Increased Length of the Videos: In the new YouTube Blue APK, you can create enhanced length YouTube Reels and Videos

Exploring YouTube Blue Vanced MOD APK

With nearly 2.56 Billion users globally, YouTube is the second most popular social media platform. Like any other app, YouTube imposes a set of prerequisites on consumers, such as No Downloading, No Repeat Options, and mandatory In-videos Ads.

Additionally, the official YouTube lacks Modern Features and allows almost zero Customization Options. So, to cope with all those issues, worldwide developers have launched YouTube Modified versions, and YouTube Blue APK MOD is one of them.

For your information, Premium YouTube Blue APK is a highly-advanced replica of the official app. However, it is a better performer because it wraps an array of the latest media features and waives various usage limitations.

Among other admirable features, YouTube Blue is widely famous for its Unlimited Downloading Attribute. Additionally, its default theme is customizable, while Video Quality Options, Off-Screen Play, and Repeat Functionality are some variant traits.

Dominating Features of YouTube Blue MOD APK

Looking into the Built-in Capabilities of YouTube Blue, you’ll be amazed by both – quantity and quality. Of course, we’d like to discuss a few of YouTube Pink’s Latest MOD version features alongside their smart convenience for the users.

  • Built-In Ad Blocker: First and foremost, YouTube Blue APK has a built-in Ad Blocker, which means you are no longer interrupted by bothering ads
  • Download Unlimited Videos: This modded version allows you to download unlimited video content
  • Play Video Songs in Background: Interestingly, the Video Songs on YouTube Blue are playable in the background 
  • Equipped with HDR Mode: The app features HDR Mode to provide the best watching quality 
  • Zooming Options: It also contains Zoom In and Out Features, which the genuine app lacks 
  • Changeable Resolutions: You can watch the videos in different resolutions, such as 720p, 1080p, and 1920p
  • Customizable Themes/Background: The latest YouTube Blue is highly customizable, as you may change its default theme and layout
  • Screen Minimizing Feature: In the original app, if you minimize the tab in which YouTube is open, it stops working. However, YouTube Blue APK also works if device’s screen or windows tab is closed
  • Repeat Videos Functionality: Although the original app lacks this feature, YouTube Blue allows you to enable Repeat Option, and listen to your favorite songs again and again
  • Watch Later Option: Like the original YouTube, Blue Vanced also offers a Watch Later Option
  • Amazing Suggestions Mechanism: The app understands your Search Priorities and provides Suggestion that nearly matches your preferences
  • Paused History: This feature allows you to Pause or Delete YouTube History with a single click

What’s new in YouTube Blue MOD APK

One of the prime reasons for YouTube Blue Vanced MOD’s insane popularity is its Frequent Upgrades Mechanism. The app receives regular updates, with each adding new features and attributes to keep its freshness and utility to the fullest.

Lucky you’re because we’re offering the Latest MOD APK YouTube Blue Vanced Edition that not just overcomes the shortcomings of previous versions but also introduces an array of new traits, such as Interchangeable Themes, Added Stats, and Improved Performance.

  • YouTube Blue Latest MOD APK version
  • Improved Servers Bugs
  • Switchable Themes
  • Added Stats to SB Settings
  • Segment Categories Color is Customizable
  • Improved Performance

How to Use YouTube Blue MOD APK?

The usage mechanics of YouTube Blue Premium are similar to the original app. Start after verifying through an e-mail account and YouTube Blue Login. Looking into the app, you’ll find a decent layout, with a search function at the top, followed by multiple rows with the Latest, Recommended, and Top-Watched Labels. 

Of course, the app’s search option is ultra-responsive, and you may use it to find any stuff with a single click. Additionally, you can alter various default settings through Menu, while the Video Quality, Subtitles, and Downloading options are available right below the media screen.

Tip & Tricks for using YouTube Blue APK MOD

  1. Create Playlists on YouTube to save your time
  2. Create Video Clips on YouTube to become Content Creator and Earn Money
  3. Save a Video on YouTube to watch Later without internet

Compatibility Criteria of YouTube Blue MOD APK

The vast Compatibility Option is another commendable characteristic of YouTube Blue. You may use YouTube Blue for Android or YouTube Vanced Blue for iOS, but the minimal device requirement is 4.4 OS and around 65 MBs of Internal Storage.

To your surprise, the latest YouTube Blue works smoothly with all variants of Windows-Operated devices, including PCs/Computers, MacBooks, and Tablets. Yes! No Rooting and No Emulators are required to run YouTube Blue APK on respective gadgets.

  1. RAM: 3-GB (Minimum)
  2. Processor: Octa-Core with 1.8GHz (Minimum)
  3. Operating System: Android 4.4 or Above
  4. Storage: 62.6MB
  5. Permissions Required: Location, Phone Storage, Camera, Gallery, Contacts, Wi-Fi, Microphone

How to Download and Install YouTube Blue MOD APK for iOS/Android?

Here is the step-by-step downloading and installation guide for YouTube Blue for Mobile Phones. To ensure maximum results, you should read the app’s official requirements and arrange a stable internet connection before downloading the app.

  • Download the YouTube Blue: Click the download button to get APK YouTube Vanced version
  • Enable Unknown Sources: Next, go to Phone’s Settings > Security Option > Enable Unknown Sources
  • Launch the App: Now, move to File Manager > Download Folder > Track and Launch the YouTube Blue APK Package to initiate the installation process
  • Complete the Installation Process: Provide various Admin permissions to complete the installation
  • Open and Start Using: Finally open the app, verify and start using

How to Download and install YouTube Blue for PC?

Downloading the new YouTube Blue APK for PC is slightly changed from Android and iOS stuff. However, you can play the same account of YouTube Bluee on PC and Mobile, using a similar g-mail address. Anyhow, here is the guide to installing YouTube Blue APK on Computers.

  • No Android Emulator Required
  • Directly Download the app and install it
  • Use g-mail to verify your device and start using

Alternatives If YouTube Blue MOD APK Fails to Work

Even though we have penned down a detailed and updated downloading and installation procedure for YouTube Blue APK, there is still space for mistakes. Therefore, we’re writing down an alternative if our guide won’t work effectively.

  • Uninstall the YouTube Blue Older Version
  • Clear the Device Cache
  • Download the latest YouTube Blue APK version from our website

Assisting Corner – Answering YouTube Blue Frequent Queries

Like always, we continue to work hard to respond to the questions of our devoted customers; so they don’t have to visit other websites. Here are some Most Frequently Asked Questions regarding YouTube Blue on the Google.

  • Difference between YouTube Blue and YouTube Vanced: Technically, YouTube Vanced is a mother category in which you’ll get 4-different YouTube Modified versions, including Blue, Pink, Dark, and Black YouTube Blue Can’t Sign in
  • YouTube Blue Download: This query is answered in detailed above in this article.
  • YouTube Blue Can’t Connect to Internet: It is a common issue, resolvable by replacing the app’s old version with the newest available on our website.
  • YouTube Vanced Keeps Logging Out: It is another frequent error that can be solved by uninstalling the YouTube Blue Old Version and downloading the latest one.

YouTube Blue Popular Versions

Whether you want YouTube Blue APK Old Version Download or the latest one, we’re providing each with secure and working downloading links. Nevertheless, feel free to connect us through the comments section in case of ambiguity.

  • YouTube Blue version 16.16.38
  • YouTube Blue version 14.21.54
  • YouTube Blue 13.18 54 APK
  • YouTube Blue V13.46.51
  • YouTube Blue V17.07.39 for Android
  • YouTube Blue update version v1.0.5.5

Final Verdict

In short, I must say that YouTube Blue is a 100% better performer than the original YouTube primarily because it offers enhanced freedom and offers a diverse range of customization options. Moreover, it is an anti-ban edition, which means YouTube would never ban or block your account if they caught you using this app. On the sidelines, you can push the Notifications Icon to start receiving alters of upcoming APKs of your most-liked apps and games.

Frequently Asked Questions

As mentioned above, YouTube Blue is the Modified edition of the original YouTube, and according to Play Store’s law, it never promotes or allows modded versions on its display; therefore, you can’t find this app on that specific platform. 

Of course, you can use the official YouTube and the latest YouTube Blue MOD APK version on a single device. But there is a catch. You should create two different Google Chrome Accounts and run both these apps on two separate g-mail accounts.

YouTube Blue is fully anti-ban, which means it meets the official prerequisites of the YouTube, and authorities would never ban your account. Nevertheless, you should use this app on your secondary account to avoid mishaps. 

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