Dragon Mania MOD APK v7.0.3a (Unlimited Diamond/Gems) 2023

There’s no relaxation for Dragon Mania Legends gamers if they don’t have sufficient money, coins, or diamonds, except playing repetitive levels and losing against mighty bosses.

So, here’s the quote, download the latest Dragon Mania MOD APK and access unlimited diamonds and money to maintain your gaming progress at a steady pace. If You want the Action and Adventure Game check this Out Stickman Warriors MOD APK Latest Version.

And it’s not the end, as the latest Dragon Mania MOD APK has way many more offers, such as Full Screen, Unlimited All, Offline MOD, Hack Menu, No Shopping, and Best Dragons Unlocked. Importantly, it is the new and anti-ban version of the original Dragon Mania.

Dragon Mania MOD APK

So, what’s the wait? If you’re interested in owning this Dragon Mania APK package, click the download button and take it home in seconds. It is pertinent to mention that our links are as compatible and secure as you typically get on brand platforms, such as An1 and Happy MOD.

MOD Features of Dragon Mania MOD APK

Before exploring the Dragon Mania gameplay, I would love to discuss the MOD features of the newest Dragon Mania APK because it’s a prime goal for most visitors. I bet everything in this article will be one-on-one available in the package.

  • Dragon Mania MOD APK Unlimited Coins & Gems: Of course, the flagship feature of Dragon Mania MOD is assured access to unlimited money, diamonds, and coins.
  • Dragon Mania MOD APK Unlimited Gems: Whether it’s about upgrading a dragon or feeding it, Gems are handy in both scenarios, and you have flow of them if you download the game’s APK from our website. 
  • Dragon Mania MOD APK Offline with Unlimited Gems: Our MOD offerings are not limited to Online play; you can enjoy all MOD Features while playing offline, including unlimited gems access. 
  • Dragon Mania MOD APK Full Screen: This feature enables better view of the game. 
  • Dragon ML MOD APK Hack: The Dragon Mania MOD MENU contains a few hacks, such as power-ups, sprints, and unlocked levels. 

The Gaming Plot of Dragon Mania MOD APK

Dragon Mania is an RPG and Simulation game on the Android and iOS platforms. However, it wraps unique gameplay that further glows with the integration of value-added controls, immense graphics, and a user-friendly interface.

Exploring the game, you’ll find a complete gaming package, including multiple playing modes, various customization options, interchangeable controls, multiplayer options, a global leaderboard, daily/weekly missions, and an active rewards system.

Coming to your role in this game, it’s complex to explain in words, but I will try my best. In Dragon Mania, players embrace a journey with pet dragons. Your goal is to Hatch, Nourish, and Trains Dragons to use them for battles later.

Keeping aside your dragon nursing duties, a load of other tasks awaits you in this game. For stance, you should collect resources to expand and decorate your island, grow crops to feed your dragons, administrate a training school to train dragons, and ultimately fight your enemies to protect your kingdom. 

Dominating Features of Dragon Mania Legends APK MOD

Regarding the gaming features, Dragon Mania Legends APK MOD has a flow of them. The attributes list of Dragon ML starts from gameplay and goes on onboarding graphics, sound effects, controls, modes, and interface.

  • Start a New Life with Pet Dragons on a Magic Island: The game unfolds on a magic island where you meet pet dragons and a lot of enemies.
  • Experience an Element of RPG: In addition to breeding dragons, you should look after other chores, such as battles, harvesting, building houses, schools, and collecting resources. 
  • Interact with Numerous Dragon Species: The game features around 100 dragon species, each having unique powers and capabilities. 
  • Breed and Train Dragons: You should hatch dragons and nourish them to use them in battles. Indeed, you can breed new species by mixing two different species.
  • Participate in Battles: Your utmost mission in Dragon Mania is to train your dragons in school and use them in epic battles. 
  • Utilize Best Weapons for Gallery: Use the best weapons and armor to defeat mighty opponents.
  • Alliance with Friends: The game is playable in Multiplayer mode, in which you can join your buddies to form a strong team.
  • Play in Two Modes: Surprisingly, the latest Dragon Mania can be played in Offline and Online Modes. 
  • Don’t Forget to Upgrade: Feel free to upgrade your dragons to improve their fighting capabilities. 
  • Decent Graphics and Sound Effects: The game has 3D Graphics integrated with super-cool background music and sound effects.
  • Simple Interface: Despite containing exclusive gaming features, Dragon Mania has a simple yet value-added interface.

What’s new in Dragon Mania MOD APK

Updates are the jewel of any game’s MOD Crown. Of course, acute gamers always wait impatiently to find what’s new in their favorite game, and they never disappoint because the prime goal of an update is to add new features and content to the original game.

As mentioned above, we’re offering the latest Dragon Mania MOD APK version, and it’s different from previous editions primarily because it adds New Year Challenges alongside the Addition of New Dragons and Improved Graphics.

  • Latest Dragon Mania Legends APK version
  • Fresh Content & Missions
  • Bugs Fixes

How to Play Dragon Mania MOD APK?

The control mechanism of Dragon Mania is slightly complicated. However, a little focus and knowledge could help your overcome this woe. Start by understanding the playing mechanics through the game tutorial, or you can also clear the concept by watching various videos on YouTube.

It is pertinent to mention that playing the game on Android is entirely different from how it is being played on PCs/Computers regarding Controls. On Android, you have to swipe across the screen to perform actions, while on Computer, you should use Buttons to control your character and do various activities.

Tips to Score in Dragon Mania

  • Collect More Coins from Dragon Lairs
  • Pet your Dragons to earn Gold
  • Grow more Food to feed Dragons
  • Understand your dragon’s capabilities before fight
  • Upgrade Frequently

Compatibility Criteria of Dragon Mania MOD APK

Dragon Mania is the production of Gameloft, so you can expect this game a Compact, Android-friendly, and Highly Compatible with all mobile devices. According to the game’s official prerequisite, it sizes around 160 MB and supports an Android Model with 4.1 or above OS.

Surprisingly, you can play Dragon Mania MOD APK on PC and iPhones. Even though there is no need to root any of those devices to install the game, an Android Emulator is a must-have condition. Additionally, you can install and run the game on MacBooks and Tablets by adopting a similar methodology.

How to Download and Install Dragon Mania MOD APK?

Here is the step-by-step guide to Download Dragon Mania on Android. The process is simple though sole knowledge is essential to avoid installation errors. Moreover, you should arrange a stable internet connection before applying the procedure.

  • If you want to download the New Dragon Mania MOD APK, click on the download button
  • After getting the APK Package, go to Phone’s Settings > Security Options > Enable Unknown Sources to permit this game access your device internal storage
  • Now, navigate to File Manager > Download Folder > Track and Launch the Dragon ML APK to initiate the installation process
  • Provide various Admin permissions to complete the installation
  • Finally, open the game, Create or Transfer Dragon Mania Account and Enjoy

How to Download & Play Dragon Mania Legends on PC & MAC (Emulator)

The process to download the Dragon Mania MOD APK version on a Computer or PC is slightly different from Android but not complex. To give you a better idea, we’re reading a detailed guide on this particular subject.

  1. First of all, download the Android Emulator for your PC (Bluestake is recommended)
  2. Now, open the app and click on the three dot button on the top right corner
  3. Search for the Dragon ML Legends MOD version and hit the install option

Alternative if Download Dragon Mania Legend MOD APK Fails

Even though we’ve given a technique for downloading and installing the Dragon Mania Legend APK edition that is updated and completely reliable, if, for any reason, it didn’t work, try the steps in the guide below.

  • Uninstall the Dragon Mania Old Version
  • Download the latest from our website
  • Read the game’s requirement and enable Unknown Sources (Android Devices)

Relevant Queries

In addition to basic mod info about Dragon Mania Legends, we’d also like to answer some other popular queries regarding the game to assist our readers to the fullest. If you miss any, you can tell us through the comments section. 

Dragon Mania Old Version MOD APK Download

You can download all previous versions of Dragon Mania from our website, including a few mentioned below

  • Animal Fantasy 6.8.0l (68036)
  • Animal Fantasy 6.6.0i (66032)
  • Animal Fantasy 6.4.3a (64321)
  • Animal Fantasy 6.2.0k (62037)
  • Animal Fantasy 6.1.2a (61221)
  • Animal Fantasy 6.1.0o (61038)
  • Animal Fantasy 5.8.0f (58028)
  • Animal Fantasy 5.7.0k (57036)

Latest Version of Dragon Mania Legends

7.1.0m is the latest Dragon Mania Legends Version

Recover Dragon Mania Legends Account

Unfortunately, there is no technical possibility to recover your Dragon Mania Account

Best/ Powerful Dragons in Dragon Mania Legends

  • Adatz Dragon                                                    
  • Amaterasu Dragon                                                         
  • Ame-no-Uzume Dragon                                              
  • Anubis Dragon                                                 
  • Aphrodite Dragon                                                           
  • Apollo Dragon  


In short, the Dragon Mania MOD APK version aims to enhance your gaming experience by unlocking every aspect of the game. Of course, it is an ad-free and anti-ban edition that saves you money by defying in-game shopping features. Notably, this version receives auto-updates, so you don’t need to uninstall the game each time the new model arrives; instead, open the internet, and the game will automatically fetch the new functionalities.


The gaming giant Gameloft is the developer of Dragon Mania Legends. It is the same firm that launched some iconic video games in the past, including Soul of Darkness, The Amazing Spider-Man, Asphalt 9 Legends, and Modern Combat.

It depends on the player’s taste and preferences. According to most gamers, Dragon City is a better game regarding the moves of Dragons, as Dragon Mania offers limited shifts, making it a bit complex to win crucial competitions.

The only way to claim unlimited gems in Dragon Mania Legends is through the MOD APK version. So, if you’re interested in confirming this action, click the download button and get the latest Dragon Mania MOD edition from us.

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