WhatsApp Plus APK Latest [OFFICIAL] Download for Android 2023

Since the original WhatsApp lack a few advanced privacy features. This service is provided in customized versions. The online market is filled to the top with MOD versions but WhatsApp Plus has gained the top position.

Although WhatsApp Plus belongs to the original WhatsApp family, it has been launched with those advanced features which other messenger applications lack. WhatsApp Plus is secured with end-to-end encryption which ensures the privacy of users much more than other kin applications. Also Download Blue WhatsApp APK with Latest Version.

WhatsApp Plus APK has been opened for messenger lovers and it has gained a level of million plus users in a jiffy. The reason behind its quick expansion is a pack of features that make it distinct from other WhatsApp versions, for example, advanced file sharing, wallpapers, font styles, font sizes, dark mode, app language, themes, and many further.

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WhatsApp Plus APK – All you Need to Know

A few years back, WhatsApp was an unfamiliar word to the human mind. It used to happen some time ago that whenever a new computer application hit the market, people rushed towards it without knowing its bright and dark sides.

Of course, one application was sufficient to meet the needs of single users and groups. Internet-hooked persons used to communicate in chat rooms in their leisure time where only type & chat was available. Download SMWhatsApp APK Updated Version for Android 2023.

Eventually, a wave of change arrived and brought with it Facebook Messenger; however, when WhatsApp with a free conversation feature came out, many hurriedly migrated to it.

Though official WhatsApp has served a lot, it did not meet the emerging demands of its users as it should. It has a dearth of themes, wallpapers, chat icons, chat locks, privacy options, limitation of file size, errors in downloading, and many more related to users’ demands.

WhatsApp users kept on it for years as a compulsion, as no other suitable messenger application was available till the arrival of WhatsApp Plus (APK).

WhatsApp Plus APK

WhatsApp Plus has tendered those extraordinary features for which users were in the quest for a long time. It has served the clients like a friend without any formalities.

For instance, WhatsApp Plus proposes an advanced feature permitting users to call or text any number without saving it in the phonebook. Believe it or not, you can change the default language of this custom-built tool for enhanced handiness.

Further, the feature tagged “Anti-Delete Messages” comes in handy reading messages canceled by the senders. In a nutshell, WhatsApp Plus has achieved the maximum number of users by leaps and bounds. We hope you are amazed and have a craving for WhatsApp Plus. Download WhatsApp Plus (APK) from the given link. If you need Extra Features then go for ADWhatsApp APK for Android.

If you don’t know, it is a modified version of G.B. WhatsApp, the best among all message applications. The developers of W.A. Plus took up the official WhatsApp and customized it to its current form while adding new features and waiving typical usage prerequisites.

Digging into the Features of WhatsApp Plus

Blue WhatsApp has features resembling official WhatsApp, but it also carries a sack of such provisions, which make it separate from the actual one. Before using every new commodity, it is essential to explore its specs & features and pros and cons. Here are given classified features of WhatsApp Plus according to their nature.

Security Attributes – Never Thought of your Online Privacy Leaks

In this era of scams, the biggest problem for online application users is the privacy of their information and content, causing a gap between people and third-party tools. Ever since many cases came to light regarding privacy leaks spoiling the lives of victims.

Taking up all that fuss, the developers of Whatsapp Plus prioritize privacy standards, ensuring that users’ security remains intact and making them feel safe while using this app. Now, a glance at those advanced security features which other versions of WhatsApp are facing lack.

Contact Number Hidden Feature

Do you want to hide your identity? If so, then you have arrived at the right place. WhatsApp Plus has added a feature to hide a user’s contact number. It comes with three options, including everybody, contacts, and nobody, and you can choose anyone and anytime as per your taste.

End-to-End Encryption

Are you worried about losing your secrecy or scared of hackers’ attacks? If yes, in that case, take a breath and relax, as WhatsApp Plus is standing on top of protecting its client data. Conversations comprising text, audio, video, images, or any other type of files get end-to-end encryption security. In this way, only aimed receiver can decrypt the sender’s message, and no other can.

Second Tick, Double Blue Tick

The instant feature is for those users who are exhausted by nonstop calls and messages and, adding fuel to the injury, the harsh wording of people waiting for your reply.  Now users can remove the second tick which will allow them to see chats without informing the sender. The second tick can be applied with the consent of the user. WhatsApp Plus clients can hide the colored double tick meaning thereby that the message has not been read yet.

Hide Call Button

If you are drained due to those calls you are not happy with, you should be thankful for WhatsApp Plus which has brought these adorable features for its sensitive clients.  Moody people can hide the call button available in the setting and avoid repeated calls.

Hide Status

Sometimes, people do not want to share their status information with a specific individual or multiple folks. WhatsApp Plus provides the choice to its users whether they hide or show the recent status to a person, group, or all contacts. Even it allows to show Status for particular persons. Users of WhatsApp Plus can hide/show status via tabs Status privacy > My contacts, My contacts except — , Only share with –.

Cease Last Seen

On practical grounds, it’s irritating to explain to everyone when you slept last night or why you did not reply to them. Last seen might be a good aspect for a common user of WhatsApp, but it is annoying for the youngsters of today. The majority of the conventional WhatsApp users are fed up by this feature as they do not want to share their last seen status with anyone and at the same time, they want to see others’ status.

Among the all customized versions of applications, WhatsApp Plus is the only one that has served users with the priceless feature of freezing last-seen status. Consumers of WhatsApp Plus can freeze their last-seen status for specific people or groups.

App Lock 

This fashion came into existence when the secrets of people were revealed by their friends and co-workers. Application lockers were introduced by the developers when people raised demands. These apps were downloaded and installed on the devices but they demanded pre-installation permission, like access to media, gallery, call records, conversations, etc.

People felt very insecure while using these external applications. Keeping in view these challenges, WhatsApp Plus developed a built-in lock application without the interruption of outsiders. Consumers of WhatsApp Plus can enable app lock within a couple of clicks in the Security tab. The app could be unlocked through a pin, pattern, or password. The fingerprint is also supported in the app lock of WhatsApp Plus.

Chat Lock

In case you do not want to lock the entire application, feel blessed as WhatsApp Plus wraps this unique feature that allows locking only those chats which are supposed to be kept underground. Individual chats and group conversations can be secured through the chat lock feature. WhatsApp Plus launched this setting for the ease of frequent users. Chats would be accessible after entering a pin/password, or pattern.

Security Updates

From time to time, WhatsApp Plus discharges security updates to avoid unnecessary security issues. These security updates are responding to contemporary security problems to keep the users’ trust that they are using a safe application.

Secure Conversation

WhatsApp Plus is the safest way of communication at present. Through its end-to-end encryption trait, chat between parties becomes secure which can never be disclosed by third party, agencies, or hackers. Aero Instagram Lovers also Need the Aero WhatsApp APK go for now.

Linked with Google Account

Do you feel insecure despite advanced secured measures? WhatsApp Plus has brought you another fence to secure your privacies. To do so, WhatsApp Plus APK is connected to your Gmail account. Permission must be granted for registration of the account on the application. Afterward, each update and activity would be informed through the given Gmail account.


Before today, it used to be like an uphill battle to change the Android device due to the fear of losing data. People ran old phones and broken tabs for a long even though they could afford new ones. But the alarming situation of data loss put a barrier in the way of new devices.

Surprisingly, WhatsApp Plus introduces online backup of your entire data in your desired account. Now you can save a backup of your data comprising of chats, images, audio files, videos, and others up to 15GBs. Saved data can be downloaded on any device after verification of account.

Customization Options

If you belong to the group of those users who are fed up due to the boring interface of typical WhatsApp, then no worries, as you have landed on the right station. Not only you, rather maximum of WhatsApp users are done with the regular and unchangeable face of the application. People are exhausted from being entertained by identical themes, chat heads, fonts, colors, wallpapers, navigations, etc.

Customization has the importance of a linchpin. Without a cool interface and friendly customization, no application can gain a level of user satisfaction. After a huge struggle for years, the designers of WhatsApp Plus have succeeded to satisfy the anxiety of users and introduced big changes in this field.


“If the path be beautiful, let us not ask where it leads”. To admire beauty is the basic instinct of a human being. Beauty increases the curiosity to look into it whether you get late from the date. Following this principle, WhatsApp Plus is rich in its beauty and attraction.

Now forget about the fixed themes, you can modify them by choosing from a range that is present in the themes store of the application. An uncountable collection of themes is available including love, anime, minimalism, digital, color, speed, animal, cities, dynamic, greenery, space, widgets, characters, flowers, nature, cars, motorcycles, astronauts, and many others. Customization of themes has taken WhatsApp Plus to the peak of magnificence.

Download Status

Man always wants to grab beauty. Here this notion is proposed to explain the unmatched role of WhatsApp Plus that enables clients to seize their likings into the storage of their devices. As we all know that official WhatsApp is deprived of the ability to save the content present on the Status portion. Lovers of WhatsApp Plus are capable to do so as it lets to save the status of contacts apart from its nature. It means that users of WhatsApp Plus do not need any external application to download the desired status.

DND Mode (Do Not Disturb)

For a while, you feel troubled by upcoming notifications of WhatsApp while you are sticking with some other task. DND mode comes into work to turn off those unwanted announcements. DND mode is an Android feature that helps to keep quiet all notifications including calls, messages, warnings, alerts, and alarms. WhatsApp Plus has added DND mode for the easiness of the users which turns off the notifications of the application without disturbing all other notifications of the device.

Notification & Alerts

A new way to amuse yourselves has been introduced by changing the default tones and alert settings in WhatsApp Plus. Users can now alter the message or call tones, chat or group ringing bells, notification sound, and other alerts beating up the previous usual version of the application.

Application Icon

For those who are worn out of the ordinary green color logo of WhatsApp, it is relevant to state here that WhatsApp Plus offers a variety of icons that are applicable in place of the default logo of the app. The charm of the application users declines to use the same logo for long. To resolve this issue, WhatsApp Plus APK has uploaded more than a hundred logos that suit much better than the previous one.  

Chat Logo

Maintaining the tradition of change, the MOD version of WhatsApp Plus permits to modify chat heads. This feature is not available in any version of WhatsApp except WhatsApp Plus APK. If you are interested to download the same, follow the given link and enjoy the APK of WhatsApp Plus.  

App Language

Language is the first and foremost tool for understanding and communication of ideas from both ends. If language is easy, then it is easy to convey the message. WhatsApp comes with a built-in English language. Official WhatsApp has no other language except English. For the convenience of users and globalization, WhatsApp Plus has installed several other languages in different regions of the globe.

Other than English, WhatsApp Plus supports Hindi, German, Russian, Portuguese, Italian, and Arabic languages which help people from different states to easily understand the idea.

Dark Mode

In this modern age when human is flying towards the moon, we are helpless to protect our natural powers which God has granted us. When talking about computer or mobile screens, the sensitivity of the eyes is a byproduct. Two out of ten are wearing eyesight glasses and the reason behind this is excessive and unsafe use of screens.

We cannot withdraw these invaders but can arrange safety measures. As a precaution and to handle this situation WhatsApp Plus has introduced Dark Mode which minimizes the side effects of screen usage. By activating this mode, the entire theme turns to black with white color writing over it making it comfortable to use for a long without torturing eyes.   

Fonts & Styles

Wanna impress your friends with attractive fonts and astonishing styles? Join hands with us and install WhatsApp Plus APK to make your dreams true. The author is extremely excited to elaborate on the heart-touching and eye-catching feature of WhatsApp Plus which makes it possible to break the chain of old-fashioned Helvetica / Calibri font being used in official WhatsApp since its launch.

People like fantasy and for that reason, they want to switch from the old fonts to new ones. WhatsApp Plus adds new fonts to the collection, like, Streetwear, Mexcellent, Kaiti, Digiface, Bookman Old, Embassy, Coventry Garden, Rockybilly, Rolling Beat, and others. Writing style can also be changed into bold, italic, monospace, strikethrough, and underline.


Man wants to change. It is because of change that you are reading this page while sitting in your office, laying in bed, or bunking around. In contrast to the official version of WhatsApp, WhatsApp Plus APK is capable to set a background wallpaper of your choice.

Sometimes, we feel bored when experiencing the same picture all the time. To settle this nervousness, WhatsApp Plus brings for you to modify your chat backgrounds as per your priorities. You can adjust a picture of your loved ones from your gallery or can set a natural scenery, or stick a selfie.

Communication Features

Infectees of conventional applications with old patterns are looking for new sources. For those sufferers, WhatsApp Plus has entered the market of applications and it is providing the best without any cost. Pertaining to its communication features, it is unmatched till now owing to its finest features which other applications do not claim.

If a person from two decades back comes into the present time, he would wonder whether he has come to some other universe. Two decades back, communication was tough. People used to travel for days and nights to convey a short message. Over time, means of communication have changed and now gained a pro level.

With the modernization of means of communication, demands, and requisitions of people are arising as well.  To meet the needs and requests of users, the developers of WhatsApp Plus are voluntarily struggling day and night for the comfort of their clients. They have designed such unique features which are beyond the limits of other communication applications.

Advance File Sharing

For the users of WhatsApp, data sharing has always been a core problem. WhatsApp official does not allow sharing the content freely rather it has many limitations which cause hurdles for a frequent user. This matter has been resolved by the elegance of WhatsApp Plus which lets its users share any type of file with their contacts.

Audio, video, pictures, and all other kinds of files up to the size of 150 MB can be shared without any doubt. Even you can directly share your files with other platforms like Gmail. Twitter, Instagram, etc without any barrier.

Disappearing Messages

When the users feel afraid of misuse of their messages, or leakage of private content, they avoid using messenger applications and prefer other ways. For those perceptive users, WhatsApp Plus has added these features to enhance the privacy of users. Conversations between the parties vanish within a fixed time.

Auto-Reply Messages

Business WhatsApp users know well its Auto Reply feature. This facility was being provided by Business WhatsApp. Besides businessmen, a normal user also needs to send replies to those individuals who are not urgent. It was always like a dream for application users to set their phones on Auto Reply mode for particular contacts.

The dream comes true with the new update of WhatsApp Plus. With this amazing aspect, WhatsApp Plus has crossed the level of its competitor application. Now users of WhatsApp Plus can set up this function for any contact and group. 

Anti-Delete Messages

Users of the original WhatsApp version convert aggressively when they read “message has been deleted” in their chats. GB WhatsApp version permits its users to read those deleted messages but there is a bundle of restrictions and security issues that makes users avoid those messages which always remain undigested.

To avoid this frustration, WhatsApp Plus has allowed to read those messages which were unseen by the receiver. Regardless of the nature of that message, the message can be read or downloaded and even it can be shared/forwarded.

Direct Dialing

In a busy routine, we do not have time to enter the entire number, name it, and choose the space to save in the phonebook. Users want simple but the best. Meeting up this requirement, WhatsApp Plus APK is the only stage from where such unusual wishes come true. Just click on the + mark and type the number once. There is no need to write the name or address of that person.

Stickers & Emojis

A vast range of newly added stickers and emojis is recently updated in WhatsApp Plus. There are many hundreds of newly loaded emojis and stickers which increase the charm of using the APK version of the application. Besides that, users can attach more stickers without any cost or restriction.

Scheduled Messages

Inattentive minds usually forget to do important work at the right time due to which they face the music. Some forget to say happy anniversary and some skip the birthdays of their buddies. This will no longer exist with the new and advanced feature of WhatsApp Plus that lets its users set a specific time and date to send the pre-cooked message. There is no restriction regarding the nature of the message, it could be a text, image, video, or document.

Guide leading to Installation of WhatsApp Plus on Various Internet-based Devices

WhatsApp Plus takes similar installation errors as the official Whatsapp does. After saying this, you should go through the app’s official requirements and arrange a stable internet connection to avoid systematic errors.

  • Click the Download Button to claim the latest Whatsapp Plus APK
  • After bagging the package, go to Phone’s Settings
  • In the security option > enable unknown sources
  • Now, open File Manager > Download Folder > Track & Locate WhatsApp Plus APK File to start installation
  • Allow all on-screen commands to complete install set-up
  • Finally, open the app, verify your mobile number and enjoy

Frequently Asked Questions

As of the latest information, WhatsApp Plus is primarily available for Android devices only. There is no official version for iOS devices. Users of iOS devices should avoid downloading APK files from unknown sources, as it may harm their device’s security.

On practical grounds, using WhatsApp Plus is a subject of debate concerning its legality. WhatsApp’s official terms of service strictly prohibit the use of modified versions. Although WhatsApp Plus users may not face legal consequences directly, they risk getting banned from the platform for violating the terms of service.

Switching back from WhatsApp Plus to the official WhatsApp may not be easy task. Since they are separate entities, transferring data between the two apps is challenging. Users want to revert to the official WhatsApp may have to back up their WhatsApp Plus data and manually restore it on the official app. 


In short, Whatsapp Plus is the best alternative for anyone fed up with using traditional Whatsapp Features. From enhanced communication attributes to dual-layer privacy standards and Google Friendly Nature, Whatsapp Plus is an all-in-one App.

Meanwhile, it is fully anti-ban, which means neither the Official WhatsApp nor Google bans your number upon downloading and using it from our website. On the sidelines, feel free to bookmark our website and revisit frequently to hook up with the latest APK versions of your favorite games and apps.

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